why refuse the casino welcome bonus

why refuse the casino welcome bonus

casino bonus

About Welcome Bonuses

To increase the possibility of winning, starting off with a big balance makes all the difference and therefore, almost every player decides to take a bonus. But taking a bonus is not always the wisest move, especially if you want to play the entire range of games including table games and progressives, or if you want to cash out quickly. In this we will look at all the various conditions and terms as well as types of casino promotions. We suppose that with this knowledge, you will be more confident when claiming a bonus and you will have the freedom to select the best fitting bonus for you. A casino bonus can have many variations. For example, it can double or triple your deposit or give you lots of free spins. Casino players are of course always looking for free bargains.

Why more and more players say NO against online casino welcome bonuses

More and more online casino players are opting to refuse the casino welcome bonus. Where it was almost unthinkable ten years ago to refuse a casino bonus, a different trend appears to have emerged. In 2019, more than half of all online casino players who create a new account choose to say 'No' to the welcome bonus. To top it all, more and more gambling sites are opting to no longer offer a welcome bonus, for example No Bonus casino. The reason for this: the bonus conditions despite the fact that a welcome bonus is an easy and relatively cheap way for the online casino to do marketing. Give the potential new player a juicy carrot in the form of some extra play cash and chances are that he will bite and sign up. If the same customer then regularly returns and loses cash at the casino, the costs will be recovered in this way. Yet the truth is a little more nuanced: there are entire tribes of online casino visitors that have made it almost a day's job to grab as many bonuses as possible. These are players who are only trying to steal as much cash as possible from the casino, without ever having the intention of ever playing any further at the casino. The result of this bonus hunters is that it costs online casinos claws with cash and meanwhile they have armed themselves against this type of 'only free bonus players'. So, the bonus conditions have been devised to combat this type of bonus abuse and to prevent the marketing costs incurred. These bonus conditions ensure that a player cannot simply have the bonus cash paid out. In addition, there are additional rules to prevent players from getting too great an advantage over the casino through all kinds of tricks.

What happens if you violate the bonus conditions

Even if you as a player have unknowingly violated the bonus rules, you will still be held to the bonus conditions by the online casino. Usually that means that the player is whistling for his cash no matter how harsh that sometimes is. The bonus itself, but also any winnings that you have made with the bonus cash will be canceled. At most decent casinos, you will receive your deposit back.

Why do players choose not to take a welcome bonus

Where previously an online casino welcome bonus was seen primarily as free cash, which you received as a gift from the casino, this idea has slowly but surely crumbled. It still exist: get a casino bonus for free and often doubles or trebles your opening balance. The same with free spins, so why refuse something that you get for free? The reality is that some players absolutely love all those bonus terms. If you want, without running the risk of using your welcome bonus in an improper way at the casino, then you have to comply with many rules, such as:

Many players and more specific experienced gamblers no longer want to go through all those bonus conditions. If you do not make use of the welcome bonus, you can play freely in the casino without having to worry about not breaking a rule by accident. You also know for sure that if you win a big prize, you can have it paid out immediately, without being tied to all sorts of playing conditions. And if you want to enjoy the Lightning Roulette or the Monopoly Live in the live casino right away, then you can play these games.

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