What is bonus hunting, casino players that abuse bonuses,

What is bonus hunting

What is bonus hunting

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There are gamblers that try to abuse the bonuses offered by online casinos, also known under several names, like bonus whoring, casino whoring, bonus abusing and several others. The aim of bonus abusers is (of course) to make cash and, believe it or not, many of them were and are still successful, although this practise is getting harder and harder to succeed. Ninety percent of casino complaints are about bonus issues and often involves deliberately or unknowingly abusing the bonuses. In the case of fanatic bonus hunters, you can no doubt assume that they consciously make an attempt to redeem (unallowed) bonuses and thus earn cash. Can you do it, too? Is it legal? Yes, it is legal, so the wording 'bonus abuse' is not quite correct: the only thing a player does is trying to make a profit and that is just why there are (online) casinos. So, what is it all about?

Clear a bonus multiple times

The point here is that there are players who use certain casino games to clear the bonus to play the cash around faster without losing. This usually happened with Roulette and Poker. To prevent this, nowadays you can no longer use these games to clear the bonus or only a small percentage of the bet that is taken into account is taken. Tips to prevent you from being seen as a bonus abuser because it would of course be very annoying if you are seen as an abuser by the online casino while that was not your intention at all. To prevent this, we have prepared a number of tips for you so that you will not be faced with surprises:

In the past

Bonus hunting reached its peak between before circa 2005, the time that online casinos stopped at offering high bonuses with low wagering requirements (WR) and no restrictions on allowed games. Bonus hunters before that time were able to exploit the positive expected value of a bonus when played on a certain game. The bonus hunting strategy was as follows: play very, very much small bets until you meet the wagering requirements. But in the end the casinos did notice and over time have implemented some countermeasures. Most of these are now found in bonus terms and conditions, such as:

The present situation

After year 2006 the awareness of bonus hunting among casino managers significantly increased and now it’s extremely rare to find a bonus with a positive expected value. The best bonuses had an expected value close to 0. That is the main reason why bonus hunting based on positive expected value is history. But there are still 2 other viable options for how to hunt for bonuses in online casinos: Freebies and no deposit bonuses.

How to play no deposit bonuses

The first thing to do is that you have to find casinos which will give you a no deposit bonus. Then you have to sign up. To get the bonus you need to provide your personal details, email address and sometimes phone number. To get paid if you win you’ll need to prove that these details are correct, send your ID and maybe even make a deposit as another form of verification. That’s how casinos protect themselves from giving the bonus to the same players over and over. Note: don’t create more than 1 account in 1 casino! You’ll never ever get paid anyway and you can piss the casino off and they may stop giving this bonus in the future. So you have signed up and validated your email address and phone number. Sometimes you’ll need to ask for a bonus on live chat or provide some sort of bonus PROMO CODE.


Receiving a bonus should be fun. To keep it all nice and honest, it is therefore important that you provide the correct information and do not try to be smarter than the online casino. Always read the bonus conditions carefully and deal with the bonus cash; in this way you will not encounter any problems and you can build up a good reputation as a gambler.

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