What is a sticky casino bonus

What is a sticky casino bonus

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The one casino bonus is not the other, which means that there are casino bonuses in all forms and with all sorts of conditions on these bonuses. The aim for online casinos with their bonuses is to visit, sign up and play with that great bonus offer from them but on the other hand, the casinos are not waiting to lose too much cash. They want to make cash! One of the tricks used is to make the bonus as difficult as possible, and sometimes even completely impossible to get. The lesson is always the same: read the (general) terms and conditions! It is always important for gamblers to look closely at the complete set of bonus conditions! A common used other term for a sticky casino bonus is a 'non-cashable' bonus. Summarized: Non-Cashable Bonuses are bonuses that are deducted from your balance before you make a casino withdraw.That requires more explanation and read on.

How does a non-cashable casino bonus work

The purpose of a sticky bonus is to give players the opportunity to play with bonus cash but the bonus cash itself will not be paid out. So, for a good understanding: you can of course withdraw the cash that you have won with a sticky casino bonus after meeting the play-around condition. The bonus and the promotion credits are just for the wagering purpose and only the winnings generated from playing with the bonus promotion (not the bonus itself) will be paid out. The play-around condition of the sticky bonus is 50 times with a 200% bonus, and you deposit €,$100. In this case you receive €200 bonus. After you have played the bonus around 50 times, you end with a nice €,$1,000 in your account balance. This $€ 1000 consists of your winnings PLUS your €,$200 bonus. In this case you will only receive the profit, 800€,$. You will not receive the 200 bonus, a sticky bonus remains in your player’s account until it is lost in the process of gambling. Sometimes casinos give a sticky bonus in the form of some extra chips.

Cashable vs Sticky

So, cashable bonus means you can withdraw both bonus AND your deposit after you meet the wagering requirements (WR). Sticky/non cashable is a bonus that can NOT ever be withdrawn from the casino. We explain the condition with a second example: the casino offers a sticky (non cashable) bonus of 200% up to $200. That means if you deposit $100 you will get $200 bonus, giving you $300 as starting balance. After meeting wagering requirements, and asking for withdrawal, the casino will deduct the $200 bonus from your account. So if you have $400 in your account ( $200 is sticky bonus, $100 is your deposit, and $100 are your winnings) and try to withdraw all your cash, the casino will give you only $200, deducting $200 bonus from your account, leaving you with $100 profit. But if you for example have only $220 left in your account after meeting the WR, you can withdraw only $20, since $200 is sticky. That means you will end up losing $80. Still, a sticky bonus gives a player more chances of winning and allows to place higher bets. Circa 50 % of casino players prefer cashable bonuses and experience them as way better, the other 50% find that 'Sticky's' are usually bigger.
Sticky bonuses are more beneficial to the player because they have the potential to last longer. By placing wagers with the bonus cash, the player should be consistently racking up his comp points.

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