simple play rules, tips for casino lovers

simple play rules, tips for casino lovers

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There are all types of casino players: those who play for pleasure, a high-roller player, penny slots aficionado, high stakes gamblers, just for passing time online players, Sunday gamblers and even players that try to make a living from playing. Our advise: gamble for the entertainment and don’t go overboard by over betting in the heat of the moment. Here are some tips!

1) Set a budget

It does not matter to which type of gambler you belong, always start your playing session with a set budget. This is not a difficult habit to set in place: look at your income and calculate all necessary expenses (rent, mortgage, utility bills, food, and so on) and set 10% of the rest for online gaming. You also must decide if you want to use this cash in a single playing session or over several days or weeks. This strategy will allow you to fully enjoy every minute of your gaming experience with peace of mind.

2) Get informed

Gather all vital information about the casino(s), its games and promotions that will help you perform better and to figure out how to play at an online casino. Experience in online gaming will pay off in the long run. For example, learn about what a game’s RTP (return to player) is, the different terms of a promotion (such as maximum cash out, sticky/non-withdrawable bonus, max bet limit, restricted games and so on), the terms of the casino, withdrawal limits, security documents procedures and so on. When you are fully informed about every aspect of your gaming experience, then you won’t get unpleasant surprises.

3) Play it slow

This is perhaps a casino tip that you did not expect: play slow! Never forget that you are always playing with hard-earned cash. Experienced players have learned to play slow so they can have time to meditate on their next move. It doesn’t matter if you play skill-based games such as Blackjack and Video Poker, or only games of pure chance such as Scratch Cards or Slots, make sure you have enough ‘thinking moments’ in your play session to consider moving to another game or as we will see in the next section, calling it quits.

4) Know when to call it quits

At some point you have to decide to stop playing but how to do that and when!? Well, it is a question of learning by doing, in other words, it will take time to develop this double skill. It is important to learn to end a session both when you are winning and when you are losing. Tip! Pay attention to patterns in the games so you can learn when it is realistic that the games won’t pay more, yes this happens and exists during each game. This is essential when you have achieved a decent win. Continuing playing after a certain point likely entails that you will put the cash back in the casino’s wallet that is not your intention at the start of your game play. Likewise, if you have lost your preset budget, take a deep breath to cool down and consider ending the session! Play again another day when your luck could change. Reduce the risk of further losses!

5) Learn the basic strategies

Not all games have effective strategies but there are some that require a bit of skill and tactics. Many books have already been written about slots’ strategies but generally they are nothing more than wishful thinking. However, games likes Video Poker and Blackjack have certain sets of rules you can follow that will mathematically increase your chances of success. Knowing what cards to hold in Video Poker and when to ‘double’ in Blackjack can be efficient ways for you to increase your winning!

6) Don’t drink and play

Drinking always carries a risk! A tipsy mind can make wrong decisions! So avoid drinking while you play.

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